Monday, April 19, 2010

District 100 Board Packet 4-19-2010 Board meeting


Life Safety Project for Summer:

Project #1 – Boiler Replacement
This would be the first step in replacing the 100+ year old heating system at Perry. The actual boiler work is estimated to cost approximately $120,000. In addition to this cost, there would be some asbestos abatement work related to the removal of the old boilers. The cost for the abatement work is estimated at approximately $15,000. Both projects could be completed in the summer of 2010.

Future Costs – Perry
The estimated cost for the remainder of the work to replace the Perry heating system is $280,000. There would also be some additional asbestos abatement work and that cost would be approximately $25,000. Both of these projects could be completed during the summer of 2011.


From Superintendent’s Report—

Continued to monitor the past due amounts owed from the State of Illinois – report is included in this month’s packet – total is $4,900,000 as of 3/31/2010

Met with representatives from William Blair to further investigate the possibility of restructuring some of the outstanding bond issues

To See the above items:$file/Department+Highlights.pdf

Rehire from Reduction in Force: 38 teachers rehired.  See for exact teachers:$file/April+2010+Personnel+Actions+Rehire+from+RIF1.pdf

Special Education Coop District

District 100-200 new agreement calls for 12 month notice for withdrawal.  The agreement is still subject to court approval.  To see the agreement go to:$file/Joint+Agreement.pdf

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