Monday, April 19, 2010

Getting schooled on the law

[Kane County Judge]Boles stunned students [Dundee-Crown High School] with specifics of the law, including the possibility of arrest for those at a party where there is alcohol but they haven't been drinking…

The same goes for those in a car that has drugs in its glove compartment.

"Anyone within reach is what the law considers 'control of the area,' " Boles said.

New DUI laws are imposing even stricter penalties. The usual Class A misdemeanor can now be upgraded to a fourth class felony -- punishable up to one year in prison -- if it's not the driver's first or if they don't have a valid license or auto insurance.

Students also seemed unaware that an 18 year-old having sex with a minor would deem them a sex offender, requiring registry at their college campus.


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