Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Highlights of newspaper chronology of Dr. Steven Baule at CUSD 201 Westmont & New North Boone Superintendent

I received this list of newspaper articles regarding Dr. Steven Baule [2010-2011, Superintendent of North Boone District 200] from an anonymous source.  . Dr. Baule currently is the Superintendent of Westmont, District 201.  Here is what the Westmont newspaper has to say about his activities.

The article in red probably is the best indicator of why Dr. Baule will be at North Boone.  Four outsiders banned together on a “Better District 200 “ platform and defeated the incumbent board president and others board leaders.

Full List of Articles

District 201 ponders closing South School.  Click on the following:

District 201 votes to shut South’s doors:

District 201 incumbents win re-election:

District 201 parents form advocacy group: 

Public allowed to speak at School Board meetings: 

Parent frustrated with communications:

Board told by state it must respond to public's request: 

School Board defies attorney general regarding superintendent contract:

School Board reverses closed session policy after contacted by state:

Residents shown doors at District 201 meeting: 

Miller parents concerned about composition of fourth-grade class: 

Special ed parents upset about communication lapse:

High school nets poor test score rankings: 

Park District to sponsor canceled trip:

Eight residents running in District 201 School Board race:

District 201 School Board needs new leadership (letter # 2):

A Better 201 slate wins all board seats:

Post Election Articles:

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