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Belvidere School Board votes to rehire 60 teachers - Rockford, IL - Rockford Register Star

Updated: 2-22-2011—It appears that all but one of the 167 dismissed teachers were non-tenured teachers.  See 2-22 posting from the Boone County Journal above. So both new hires and the dismissed, non-tenured teachers have equal opportunity for being hired.

Sixty Belvidere School District teachers who were terminated last month were rehired Monday for the 2011-12 school year.

In March, the School Board approved the dismissal of 167 of the district’s 585 teachers.
BEA President Frank Marks said teachers were hurt by the process the district used to let them go. Traditionally, the board does a reduction-in-force, then rehires the teachers it needs based on seniority.
“If they RIF them, they’re hired back in a certain order based on seniority,” Marks said. “They basically fired 167 teachers; this was a massive change.”

In other news
♦ The School Board unanimously approved a school boundary change that may affect up to 80 students. The change aims to alleviate crowding at Belvidere Central Middle School. The middle school feeds Belvidere North High School. By changing the boundaries, some Central Middle School students will be routed to Belvidere South Middle School and then to Belvidere High School

The board opted to use a second recommendation, which returns students to classrooms Aug. 17 and still has the district wrapping up its first semester before winter break starts Dec. 21.

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Here is the handout distributed by the teachers before Monday’s school board meeting.  I highlighted several sections.

Please Bring Back OUR Teachers

Belvidere Education Association’s Desired Outcome:

We request that the Belvidere School Board direct administrators to fill vacancies with those teachers who have been released from District 100 prior to hiring candidates from outside the district.


On March 21st, the Belvidere School Board released 167 teachers and RIF’ed 10 social workers.

The March 22nd Rockford Register Star quoted Superintendent Houselog as saying, “while we terminated 167 teachers, we expect our work force only to be five teachers smaller than this year …Our expectation is that many teachers will be returning.”

Mr. Houselog also stated, “By releasing more people we are able to backfill our work force with existing staff in such a way that we can maximize people into positions.”

In reality, since the March Board meeting, all positions have been posted and are open to outside candidates. Belvidere teachers will NOT be given priority over outside candidates.

Request Rationale:

The released teachers are District 100 ready. They can hit the ground running on the first day of school without “learning the ropes.”

They are on board with District 100 initiatives and have been trained accordingly.

The District has already invested money and time in these candidates.

Regardless of number of years of experience, teachers in a new placement, whether it is grade level, building, or content area, are starting from scratch like a first year teacher.

Teacher consistency and competency in the classroom are keys to student achievement.

Resources saved by eliminating the need to train new staff can be reallocated.

These teachers are people, friends, & colleagues who we have mentored, trained & invested in.

Some of these non-renewed teachers have taught part-time within District 100 for 10+ years!

“Student Centered Excellence” starts with an experienced teaching staff.

Should cost saving measures come at the expense of our students’ achievement?

Why would we want another district to gain some of our best teachers?

Keep Belvidere teachers in Belvidere!

Here is listing of openings from the District’s website.  Note, non-District 100 employees can apply .

Openings as of 4/21/2011

Viewing All Types (87 openings)


Here is the current teachers’ salary schedule: 

Click on the photocopy to enlarge:

2010-11 salary schedule

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