Thursday, June 23, 2011

District 100 Education Tax Rate still lowest

The following tax rate comparison was presented at the June 22, 2011 District 100 school board meeting. Belvidere has the lowest rate in Winnebago-Boone Counties.  Is District 100 Board of Education thinking about asking for an increase in the education tax rate?

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School Tax Rates

Belvidere’s 4.59702 rate is a substantially higher rate than the prior year’s 4.06682 and is projected to be up to 5.22190 for next tax  year See the document shown below from the May 16, 2011 District 100 board meeting. In percentage terms this year’s tax rate went up 13.04%; next year is projected to increase 13.59%.  An individual home’s tax increase should be somewhat less because assessed values (EAV) are projected to decrease 10% for 2011-2.

School Tax Rates. 1png

Assuming the projected 5.22190 rate to be correct—Belvidere will still have the lowest rate in 2011-2 but the gap maybe narrowing.  Also note the largest increase is in Bond Taxes (17.3% for 2010-11).  Much larger increases in Bond Taxes will occur in upcoming years not yet shown in 2011-2.

Here is proof that other districts are thinking of increases.

Tax Increases-KICK

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Judge rules in favor of St. Charles Dist. 303 in school shuffle

Perhaps I am reading thing into it—but there are some striking similarities with District 100’s New Washington STEM school in this case.

The school board approved the plan in March and parents filed suit shortly after claiming the changes would violate state regulations for creating a School Improvement Plan under No Child Left Behind. The parents’ attorney, Timothy Dwyer, told the judge Monday the school district is ignoring the issue of failing test scores and it is trying to “circumvent the regulatory process.”

District 303 attorney Robert Swain argued a plan to improve a school isn’t necessarily a formal School Improvement Plan as defined by law, so it doesn’t need to follow the same guidelines

district saying from a legal standpoint it is a coincidence that the district decided to shift attendance patterns at the same time as it faced sanctions under No Child Left Behind and the timing does not preclude it from making changes.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Financial theft alleged at St. Charles East

St. Charles Unit District 303 will open the books on one of its 53 booster clubs stemming, in part, from a police report alleging the theft of athletic funds at St. Charles East High School.

Superintendent Don Schlomann Thursday announced an outside audit of the club will be done next week. The announcement comes one week after the police report was filed by a person who is not employed by the school district. The police will conduct its own investigation even as the audit occurs.

Schlomann said he has no reason to believe any of the allegations are true. However, with the recent firing of the varsity boys basketball coach and subsequent retirement announced by Jerry Krieg, the school’s athletic director, Schlomann said the sports administration at the school deserves a clean slate.

In the same vein, Schlomann said Krieg welcomes the audit during his final weeks at the school so he can leave without the hint of a dark cloud over his tenure.

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The St. Charles East football team was supposed to have a state-of-the-art scoreboard and thousands of dollars were raised for the project. But, in at least one case, a donor has received a refund check from District 303.

It's been more than a year and the scoreboard at East High School has yet to go up.

The refund was $10,000, returned to a Geneva-based clinic by East Athletic Director Jerry Krieg