Sunday, July 24, 2011

McHenry District 156 looking to change retirement policy


Under the current system in the district, certified staff members, such as teachers and administrators, may receive up to 6 percent salary increases a year for up to the last four years of their career.

That is the maximum amount allowed under state law. Any higher, and the district would have to pay a penalty to the Teacher Retirement System.

Teachers also may receive a $20,000 post-retirement payment if they’ve been with the district for 10 consecutive years and if the payment will not create a penalty with the Teacher Retirement System.

To start the process of changing the retirement policy in the district, the school board this week formally notified its teachers’ union that it plans to delete the retirement policy at the board’s Aug. 16 meeting.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Superintendent Houselog takes on additional job

Currently District 100 is also paying for Mr. Houselog’s pursuit of a doctorate degree at Aurora University.  Interesting that he has time for all these endeavors.

The following is taken from the Beloit Daily News:

ROCKFORD — Michael Houselog, superintendent of schools for Belvidere School District and Daniel Ross, president of Williams-Manny Inc., have joined SwedishAmerican Health System’s board of directors.
In addition to his role with the school district, Houselog is an active member of the community, serving as secretary of the Salvation Army board and vice president of the United Way of Boone County board.

Monday, July 4, 2011

New Website on St. James Church

I have posted numerous articles regarding St. James  Parish and the new church project.  For your convenience I have gathered the posting together into a new website available at:

Below is the a photocopy of the website’s banner.