Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Are individuals gaming the state retirement system?

The previous posts on local government pensioners ( ) indicates that Belvidere School District 100’s “business managers” receive both IMFR and Teachers’ pensions. 

I trust that this is completely legal but is this fair to the taxpayers?  Did each of those systems use those “six figure” last years salaries in calculating their respective pensions? If so—is that double counting?

Look at the numbers.

Biesladecki, James P.  $80,878 TRS   23 years

Biesladecki, James P.   $29,603 IMFR 11 years

Metz, James D.     $11,053    TRS     4 years

Metz, James D.     $10,810    IMFR    7 years

Local Government Pensions

The following are taken from Champion pension site.  Some of the list are only partial list of the highest paid.

All are taken from the following:





Belvidere Community Schools IMFR


Boone County


Rock Valley College—SURS


Other “note worthies” by name only:



Monday, December 26, 2011

Family Taxpayers Foundation’s List of Highest paid educator in Illinois

TOP 200 Salaries* in Illinois

*The word "salary" used here is synonymous with "compensation." According to the ISBE, the technical term for the data we post is "total creditable earnings."

Public school employees are compensated in many ways. The numbers we post are the official "total creditable earnings" that school districts report annually to the Illinois State Board of Education.

According to the ISBE, the annual salary data reported to them is the same as the "total creditable earnings" reported to the Teachers Retirement System. It includes, among other things, extra-duty pay (coaching, clubs, etc.), board-paid retirement contributions, vacation and sick day buyouts, bonuses, and other compensation that the Teachers Retirement System includes in total creditable earnings. This salary data does not include the cost of employer-paid health insurance. Individual school district contracts should be consulted for details.

Following is taken from:


Districts for for 2010:

Russell, Lucille

Engler, Thomas

Dada, M Mohsin

Fleming, Larry

Lamberson, Jonathan

Giannetti, Glen

Many, Thomas

Harper, John

May, Loren

Mical, Gary

Lane, Bruce

Rafferty, Edward

Carmine, Joyce

McTague, Frances

Mansfield, Edward

Barshinger, Jack

Buckner, J Kamala

Nebor, Jon

Schoffstall, Phillip

Hill, Gerald

Humphrey, Steven

Doebert, Sandra

Swanstrom, Paul

Fornero, George

Yonke, Linda

Robbins, Kathryn

Joy, Donna

Porto, Joseph

Kroeze, David

Schlomann, Donald—#30

Vieth, Linda

Boyd, Alex

Rodgers, John

Weninger, Attila

Thomas, Timothy

Raymond, Garry

Renner, Sandra

Perdue, John

Riebock, Ann

Wyllie, Lawrence

Sorrick, Kenneth

Schweers, Daniel

Jerome, Sarah

Wahl, Nicholas

Pryor, Sally

Gatta, Nanciann

Sobocinski, Philip

Twadell, Eric

Blanche, James

Behlow, David

Schuler, David

Meissen, Michael

Batiste, Donaldo

Kurr, Gregory

Culver, Arthur

Williams, Creg

Rydland, James

Milton, Walter

Wilson, Phyllis

Riggle, Michael

Davis, Blondean

Lindsay, Thomas

Witherspoon, Eric

Goers, Donald

Westerhold, Jane

Mitrovich, Mark

Murphy, Hardy

Torres, Jose

Jordan, William

Dart, Paul

Taylor, Rick

Gillum, Robert

Bridges, Lela

Lee, Calvin

Robb, Nancy

Lechner, Raymond

Tivador, Edward

Hawk, Jill

Collins, Constance

Baule, Steven

Sass, Michael

Benedetti, John

Byrne, John

Brendel, Jerome

Birkett, Kathryn

Sheffield, LaVonne

Butts, John

Amadio, Thomas

Shields, William

Dada, Yasmine

Nielsen, Robert

Lukich, Daniel

Berger, Robert

Edgecombe, Jason

Leonard, Thomas

Lea, Prentiss

Ward-Epstein, Dennice

Kalinich, Kelley

Handcock, Darryl

Steyskal, James

Hewitt, Larry

Davis, Gloria

Armanetti, Arleen

Michelini, Mark

Collins-Hart, Nettie

Hagerman, Thomas

Longo, Margaret

Arndt, Kenneth

Goier, Renee

Albus, Allen

Finger, Catherine

Gonzalez, Janet

Berning, Catherine

Swoboda, Joy

Surber, James

O'Donnell, Daniel

Kendall, William

Kilrea, Timothy

Foderaro, Kerry

Clark, Christine

Bolek, Barry

Mutchler, Kent

Roberts, Jerome

Millard, Beth

Auer, Carol

Zafiratos, Dr. Thomas

Cooper, Laura

Obradovich, George

Correll, Ellen

Paraday, Troy

Perkins, Kim

Wallace, Kenneth

Krizic, Lynn

Lupo, Robert

Trumble, Douglas

MacAskill, Dan

Ware, Jody

Martin, John

Whittaker, Cindy

Mattingly, William

Krause, Ronald

Adamic, Donna

Sheahan, Mark

Hackett, Judith

Buchanan, Gregory

Hoyda, Marion

Riordan, Michael

Benway, Darcy

Ehrhardt, Philip

Briscoe, James

Young, Christopher

Vincenti, Robert

Hebson, Suzan

Prince, John

Shinners, Marie

Bonner, Barbara

Rudig, Douglas

Majchrowicz, Joseph

Dagley, Glenna

Zabilka, Gary

Claypool, David

Dubec, Joseph

Drury, Richard

Borja, Janet

Gunnell, James

Niehaus, Gary

Eddy, Thomas

Di Virgilio, Robert

Engel, Jill

Williams, Rudolph

Gay, James

Zaander, Paul

Herrmann, Mary

Tabbert, Victoria

Eason-Watkins, Barbara

Hollich, Pamela

Fredisdorf, Mark

Schlichting, Glenn

Taylor, Roberta

Asplund, John

Prosise, Roger

Swanson, Bradley

Wrzeski, Ellyn

Ward, Maria

O'Mara, Kevin

White, Donald

Middleton, David

Hutton, John

Barnhart, Brian

Guarrine, Gregory

Pierce, Kathleen

Houselog, Michael

Donegan, Catherine

Cavallo, Jr., Louis

Matthews, Janice

Manville, Margaret

Ireland, Susan

Wernet, Patricia

Brown, Traci

Freeman, Robert

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

District 100 foresees continued decrease in student enrollment

The following is taken from the agenda item #E-3 from the December 19, 2011 Board of Education Meeting.  It is available on the internet at:$file/Copy%20of%20FY%2013%20Enrollment%20Projections.pdf

Click on the the photocopy to enlarge: 


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wisconsin public school employee pay for the 2010-2011 school year - JSOnline

How well are Wisconsin teachers paid?—Find a district or teacher’s name and find out.
Click on the following to research this data base:Wisconsin public school employee pay for the 2009-2010 school year - JSOnline

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Beloit School Board nears tax-vote decision

the proposed referendum is intended to improve all facilities and build two new 4-8 grade intermediate schools at the Cunningham and Morgan school sites. Under the proposed plan Burdge, McLenegan, Royce and Kolak Education Center would be retired. Administration and the charter schools would each move into one of the closed schools, leaving a net loss of two buildings which would later be sold.

The property tax increase for homeowners would be $108 annually for a home valued at $100,000. McNeal noted that the average home value in Beloit is $74,600 and said most taxpayers will likely pay less.

One part of the proposed referendum includes plans for a new pool at Beloit Memorial High School. The high school can no longer have a swim team because the pool doesn't meet code, and practices for students are inadequate. Manager of Facility Services Jeff Jacobson gave some updates on the deficiencies of the pool.

Jacobson said the perimeter pool gutter system is deteriorated and a source of water loss. Water circulation piping is undersized and deteriorated and pool mechanical and HVAC systems are undersized. The pool floor is too shallow for starting blocks - the minimum pool depth should be four feet. The locker rooms are in poor condition and do not meet ADA codes.

Click on the following for more information:

Beginning with the next fiscal year IMRF employees making more than $75,000 must have their wages and benefits posted on government’s website

It appears that high paying grounds and building personnel at District 100 will have their wages posted next Fiscal Year.

This is taken from Boone County board minutes:$file/salaries%20open%20meetings%20act.pdf

Click on the photocopy to enlarge:


Monday, December 5, 2011

Channel 17: RVC Board of Trustees Respond to Union Vote of No Confidence

Rockford - The Rock Valley College faculty union announced a vote of no confidence in the school's Board of Trustees during a board meeting on Tuesday, today the board responds.
The main issue of concern centers around healthcare benefits. The school wants teachers to contribute 1-3.75% of their salary to help keep the current benefits package.
But, the teachers union rejected it.

Rockford - The Rock Valley College faculty union announced a vote of no confidence in the school's Board of Trustees during a board meeting on Tuesday, today the board responds.
The main issue of concern centers around healthcare benefits. The school wants teachers to contribute 1-3.75% of their salary to help keep the current benefits package.
But, the teachers union rejected it.
They've been working without a contract since July.
In a statement to WTVO from the RVC Board of Trustees they said "The bottom line is that the college's health insurance plan does not have a financially viable employee cost sharing formula. [With] revenue sources... and student enrollment down... a meaningful employee premium sharing plan is needed to ensure the continued viability of the college's group healthcare program."
The teachers union say they're prepared to strike if necessary.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

District 100 does refunding to hold down 2011 and 2012 bond levy

On November 29 approximately $7.08 million will be borrowed for refunding of debt.

See below the interest on the new borrowing is anticipated to be 3.75%.   The following figures are taken from:$file/Final+POS+11-9-11.pdf

Click on the photocopy to enlarge


The proceeds will be used on lessen levies for the following notes.



More exacting details should be available after the December School Board meeting.

District 100 is attempting to take the following debt structure: (from:$file/Pricing+Final+2011+Nov+16.pdf)


and changing it to the following: 


Basically total tax rate—education tax, misc and bond and interest—will be frozen for next year 2011 levy and following year 2012 levy. 

Levy Yr       Current       After refunding

2011          5.25            5.00

2012          5.34            5.00

2013          5.57            5.50

2014          5.60            5.63